We're an art magazine for women with a focus on women's freedom of expression. 

We want you to interpret the word BLUE however you like.

We want our artists to think beyond the colour, to think about what emotions, feelings,

experiences that they associate with the word.

Be as fun, dark, miserable, happy, or wacky as you wish to be. 

Brenda is for us, about us, OUR stories.


DEADLINE: 14th February 2021


Send work to hello@brenda-mag.com

All images saved as JPEG. 
Dimensions: Minimum 1600 x 1200, maximum 3200 x 2400. 

All writing saved as a Word document.

Please note: once artwork, text has been submitted to Brenda you have agreed that it can be used in the issue it has been submitted for. we will use the image/s within the magazine and online but the artist or writer will always be credited. Thank you all for your submissions. 



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