RED 1. RED: The juices that run down my face that taste of revelation, it’s coming, it’s here. The knowledge of good and bad, of falsehood and bondage - I am now like God. I wasn’t fooled I know that power doesn’t come without sacrifice. I know that prisons can look like gardens too. Now red runs down my chin and my naked body and you call it sin. But red is the colour we are drenched in when we are born is it not? 2. RED: The colour between my legs that flows each month. The colour of the water of life, of birth, of death, of memory. My body doesn’t hold a son for you this month so you call me unclean, impure, dirty. You fear the power within my thighs: the power to bring forth life, to herald death, to control your family line. You want to control what you don’t understand, you want to shame me for it. You try to take back this colour and make it flow with the blood of my sisters who cannot bore you a child, of those who had their power of choice taken away. You call it a sin if a woman is violated instead of looking in mirror at your own actions. You fear any blood that wasn’t shed for the sake of your comfortability and attainment of power. 3. RED: She is coming. Flip through the pages of your holy book and you will find her throughout. She whispered to me in the garden, in the desert, in my exile. She consoled me as I watched the violence against other women at the hands of your prophets, at your kings and at your god. She whispered the wild and free way of the eagle and the devious way of the serpent and the oblique way of the factor unknown and unnumbered. She whispered poems of resilience into my ears and taught me to use my blood and rage to stand my ground. You say a revelation is coming, but how wrong you are. It’s a reckoning. She is coming and all she can see is Red. She will dance in the blood of your prophets, your saints, your holy men - of any one who dares to cross her daughters. She will drink from her cup and it is overflowing. She is coming from the abyss on a beast of seven heads and ten horns. Her time has come and she comes for blood.

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