"I am Pea the Feary an Afrofuturist artist in Atlanta, GA. For most of my life I did not feel powerful in my body even though I knew I should be. There was a disconnect between my idea of the worth of a black person and the self-worth I deserve. I think this is the case for anyone black in the 300 or so years. I think that this oppression was the beginning of an understanding; our oppression has allowed us to observe life from an interesting perspective; I think this perspective has lead to the age of the “last” beginning to rise. I consider myself and Afrofuturist artist, I want my work to remind us who we are and what we arrived to do. I believe the interaction of spirituality and science, art and technology will be lead by people who happen to look like me.

I want to infiltrate urban culture with radical mindfulness. Expansion of thought is expansion of power. I also happen to be an artist and using my aesthetic talent to plant myself as a first responder to the culture. I seek to raise the frequency of the whole using art and I also record the growth as it happens."

Follow her art account, @peathefeary and her photography account, @fearyphotos.

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