The past is so intrinsically weaved within us all. Everyone has a past: memories, stories, events that we wish we could replay or forget. The past can conjure up millions of emotions in us: happiness, sadness, fear, loss, love, heartbreak, anger, regret, the list goes on. Some of us want to run from our past, to not let it define who we are now. Yet we learn from it, and with each year we grow wiser, stronger, more able to understand ourselves and our emotions. We can let go of our past, whilst remembering what we loved, lost, and learnt.

Introducing paintings by Ellie Walker, our cover artist for issue 1: SCARS, who paints from memories and experiences.

"The characters in my work are all related to memories or experiences, but I never start a painting with the intention of it being of a particular event or memory. I draw things that catch my eye throughout the day: from watching TV, photographs, or magazines. I fill up my sketchbook with these motifs, and then create a drawing bringing all the characters together to form a whole new narrative. Usually when I finish a painting I will think of a title that suits the painting, and they always end up being autobiographical."

"Painting definitely helps in releasing built up tension, thoughts and feelings. I don't talk a lot about myself in everyday life; I shy away from giving out too much information to people, although I feel I am a lot better at this now. 3 years ago, I wouldn't dream of telling friends or family if something was upsetting or bothering me. I was always too embarrassed to let my guard down. But now I'm telling strangers things through my work. Drawing and painting is a way for me to process my thoughts and feelings. I can make sense of things better through painting, as my brain doesn't seem to be able to process thoughts without drawing them

down first."

Discover more of Ellie's work on her site.


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