Ode to my blood stained knickers

Illustration by @radillustrates

Ode to my blood stained knickers by @a.h.r.b

I pop them on top of the bin

Still warm,

This months victim.

This time it’s the pink

Size 10

Bow on the front

Glitter elastic gone on the waist

Legs still a little tight

Once called my pulling pants,

Worn for Sarah’s 18th birthday

Where they proved themselves as pulling pants,

Itchy label, cut out,

Guset now stained.

Somewhere between red and brown

Maybe a bit of black?

Shaped a little like France?

Too deep to wash.

So instead I bury them into my over flowing bin

And with bowed head

And rosy cheek

I reach for my Jack Wills Christmas knickers.

My ‘good’ period pants.

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