Holly MACkinnon

"Holly MacKinnon is a painter based out of Montreal, Canada.  She received her BFA from NSCAD University in 2015, and since then has been featured in exhibitions and publications in Canada and the US.

"Her paintings are most often a combination of figure and landscape.  They are bizarre and emotional scenes, ones that seemed plucked out of a narrative that remains unexplained and unresolved.  Nature is the recurring theme, the first source of energy; the wildness of the woods, mountaintops and lakes, and people wandering aimlessly within them.  These are places people might migrate to in times of despair.  These are places with no trace of humanity, the rugged and unforgiving landscape, cherished and feared, worshipped and easily ignored from afar, sprinkled with history and ghosts.

The second source of energy comes from the figures, who are on a journey.  The journey is not described in plain language, but rather felt through bodily and facial expressions, through colour, through the relationship between the figures and the space, their interactions." 

"The human relationship with nature is so complex: on a macro scale, it is unbalanced and destructive.  But on a personal, psychological level, it can be cathartic, spiritual, frightening.  We can be moved to tears by trees.  Our deepest emotions don’t have to be rational or explained.  The feeling of being alone in nature is so profound that it can’t be described in words."

You can see more of her work on her Instagram: @mackinnon.holly.

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