Female Artists of Brooklyn

Female Artists of Brooklyn is a collaborative of women artists supporting each other’s artistic pursuits.

1- How did the idea for FAB come about?

FAB was founded completely organically. It all started with a gathering of 8 women at the Ilana Greenberg Gallery. We met to discuss art and to share our experiences as artists. We soon realized that we shared so many of the same interests and similar challenges in our artistic careers. It soon turned into an impromptu “art therapy session” as we shared our woes over selling our art, pricing our art, and promoting oursleves. (And that was in the first 15 minutes.) We traded tips and tricks as we realized that so many of us struggled with the same issues. We wanted to find a way to continue to support each other and the idea of FAB was born! We started very simply on Instagram and Facebook and the response has been amazing. Artists are very isolated while they work and having a community to share your work and your ideas is so essential to your artistic development. Artists are also terrible at promoting themselves so we are hoping to create a platform that will make it easier to showcase the work of female artists who are working in our beloved borough of Brooklyn.

2- What is FAB’s main ethos?

FAB is all about female artists supporting female artists. The goal of FAB is to create a community of women who empower one another and help bolster each other’s artistic pursuits. By creating an online network we hope to share our successes and failures and work together to strengthen the role of women in the arts and unveil the work of a FABulous enclave of Female Artists of Brooklyn.

3-What are your plans for your upcoming launch?

On Thursday, May 2nd, we will be having FAB’s Launch Party at the Ilana Greenberg Gallery (110 Union Street). In celebration of Mother’s Day we are exhibiting a group show around the theme of motherhood and women. Among the artists being featured are painters, illustrators, photographers, jewelry designers, weavers and sculptors and all of them are female artists from Brooklyn.

One of our exhibitors, More Than the Image, will be showcasing their photo journalism project which aims to capture and share images of women as they see themsleves to counter balance the pervasive stream of unrealistic images of female bodies ever present in advertising and popular media. We are so pleased that the More Than the Image team will be available at the opening party to photograph women as part of their wonderful mission.

The exhibit will be on view through June 2nd and 20% of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Young Survival Coalition, a great local organization for young women diagnosed with breast cancer (www.youngsurvival.org). We feel that it is important as a group to give back to charities supporting women and women’s health. If that is not enough of an enticement, there will also be live jazz and free drinks!

4-Why do you feel it is so important for female artist’s to have a space such as FAB?

Female artists have always been left behind in the art world. In fact, we post quotes on our Instagram page from female artists and it is no easy task finding the words of women artists in history. We want to make sure that the voice of female artists is heard loud and clear. We feel the best way to do that is to create this community that is all about inspiring one another and building each other up.

5-How can a female artist join your community?

We are a completely inclusive group and our main goal right now is to continue to strengthen this network of FABulous women. If you are a female artist working in Brooklyn you are welcome to join our community. If you are interested in joining just DM us on Instagram @femaleartistsofbrooklyn All we ask is that you tag us and use #femaleartistsofbrooklyn in all your personal posts to help strengthen our online presence. Members are profiled regularly on our Instagram and Facebook pages to help support their personal endeavors.

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