dreamland by AnnA elisa SiDA

Anna uses drawing as therapy to express what is enclosed within herself, digging up all the emotions that she lives through her travels. She is currently travelling with his partner. Thanks to their travel project “NutshellTravel”, they document their experiences through images, illustrations and articles, trying to find authenticity in every place they visit.

"As an artist, drawing has a therapeutic function that helps my emotions to flow on the paper. The sense of freedom and manifestation of my inner self might capture the attention of the spectator giving them a feeling of well-being. Drawing is a way to bring out my hidden dreams that I can't always accept. I’m living in a context that is constantly changing and influencing my illustrations: this is because I have been travelling for two years around the world. I prefer pen and paper because it is what I can use immediately. Later, I digitalize it by computer for a different graphical view."- Anna Sapna.

Visit Anna's instagram @sapna.illustration

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