"Lady Lazarus is a rendering of femininity in rebirth: the process of killing the self in its previous forms and emerging with an altered identity.  The series has a diverse range of influences, ranging from Pop culture and a subjective experience of the digital word, to renaissance posturing, the colouration in religious paintings, and biblical narratives. The poem “Lady Lazarus” by Sylvia Plath serves as the titular appendix to the series; amidst the dissonance between environment and identity, are we able to recognize ourselves?" 

"Danielle Mari Terblanche is a self-taught portrait photographer, writer and otherwise visual artist from Potchefstroom, South Africa. Unceasingly shaping her photography since the age of eighteen, she explores themes such as trauma, the complexity of identity and the the anti-heroine's role in shaping the world - often featuring herself as a subject. In doing so, Danielle's portraiture reconstructs and at times reimagines a traumatic adolescence during which her circumstances often left her voiceless. At twenty-one years of age, her work has seen multiple exhibitions in the capital city of Pretoria, in addition to international publications and a group exhibition in Berlin."


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