Redgrits is an artist based in the United Arab Emirates. She has shared some personal published poems from 2016 with us, which describe her feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts. The photographs are also a visual depiction of how she feels internally.

Mechanical World (2016)

o mechanical world we are the grease to your machines that hold you for ease of living how does one manage life with great difficulty we beings, are just being but are we beings, truly living in this world where the self is not who we really are but who they want us to be

Ceiling & Fan (2016)

The ceiling was my perfect sky The fan was my perfect sun The blazing blades were the rays I stared and I stared and I stared With happiness at the false sunshine

Layers of A Lie (2016)

Clear layers on my eye each possess a soul that once lived exposed, just to die the blood of the layer attracted to guilt, left the layers soul to crumble and drift each layer, gone, in a blink they vanish, to the past to a place where the life we used to live cannot be unseen now you have nothing but a naked eye exposed, just to die now you have nothing but a naked eye that lived layers of a lie

Behind The Door To Freedom (2016)

In times of torment, cries and wide eyes in sleepless nights, we fight with not our red fists, but with our white minds The days felt dark like one without a sun where you'd see nobody except a man with a gun you are stunned from head to toe, numb having no where to go no where to run

Blue Tunnel (2016)

It was hollow, and blue with light leaks of black surrounding circles of sun light, peaking through to say "Hello", there were too many I couldn't respond, I could not see you It was hollow, and blue strange, I see no light at the end But I see a mirror, reflecting the past that stood behind me, to get through, I must get closer to the mirror that reflects my past It was hollow, and blue with no light leaks of black surrounding circles of sunlight, peaking through I still don't have the courage to get through, to get to you

Butterfly (2016)

Today I followed a butterfly, It led me to a wasp's nest

Poetry and photography by Redgrits. View more of her work on her website and instagram @redgrits

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