"This is a collection of moments when I lived in total harmony with nature. The environment that surrounds me provides a stimulus to create my images, which I never plan or set up in advance according to a project; instead, they are the result of the most intimate and instinctive part of me. A journey into the unconscious, in search of my identity. The art of photography is directly related to my life, my experiences and my inner world. It’s like an impulse, a natural gesture, a need to explore the submerged part of my consciousness."

"To photograph myself was more a necessity, a therapy, the cure. I started portraying myself when something changed in my life and encouraged me to reflect. It’s like an intimate inward journey that starts from the unconscious and goes back to where it all began, or ended. 

Those spaces are the places around my house, they’re connected with me and my childhood, but they’re also “non-places”, where there is no conception of time. Contact with nature is very important to me, it’s the tool I use in my pictures to convey my emotions. Whether it's a lake, a branch, a tree or a path, they become primordial elements where I rest my thoughts and establish an intimate relationship."

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