Fabienne Jenny Jacquet, Beach Bum, Oil on Paper.

“I like to have an almost physical relationship with paint: playing with textures, exploring, scratching, pushing, messing up the paint with my fingers and building my compositions through thick, rich layers, almost like a sculptor would. I am a ‘messy’ painter but the works I am most proud of almost always came from a vain attempt to harness that chaos and were the results of 'happy accidents'.

I rarely start with neat sketches or a clear idea of what I want to do to keep the work spontaneous. I choose to give the viewer just enough clues about what is happening on the canvas so that the work retains a sense a mystery and is always one step away from collapsing into nothingness, like walking on a tight rope…"

Fabienne Jenny Jacquet, Shoreditch, Oil on Canvas.

"There is often a surreal element in my work. A lot is about instinct, emotions and exploring my ‘shadows’. Music, literature and films are also big influences for me. Be it a David Lynch film, a Kathy Acker book or a Lana Del Rey song.

I find painting incredibly cathartic, and it has got me through a lot of pain and heartache. Bereavement, ill health, bad relationships are all issues I have had to deal with in the past few years and my art has been my constant source of solace.

As a woman my work is also where I try to make sense of my identity, my body, my memories and how I relate to others. I try as much as I can to collaborate and exchange views with other female artists and writers, because I still think there is a long way to go for us to get equal recognition and gravitas in the art world. I am always drawn to people who are also somehow outside the mainstream and I enjoy working with artists who explore sexuality, queer identity and mental health issues in their work.”– Fabienne Jenny Jacquet

Fabienne Jenny Jacquet, Nightclubbing, Oil on Canvas.

Fabienne Jenny Jacquet is a Franco-British painter based in London, UK. Since graduating from Central St Martins in 2008, her work has been exhibited across the UK and is part of private and public collections in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe. Her paintings have been featured in the Evening Standard, the Financial Times and Made in Shoreditch Magazine. She also edits her own art blog, , and recently curated her first exhibition. More information on her practice can be found on her website at

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