BRENDA is a non-profit magazine and collective dedicated to thought-provoking
contemporary art and
culture from a feminist viewpoint.


We aim to talk about real stories that can inspire an open discussion about topics

that are too often cast aside as taboo subjects.

Issue 1: SCARS (Sold out)

Issue 2: BLOOM (Sold out)

Issue 3: RED (Limited stock left)

Issue 4: TWIN (Limited stock left)

Issue 5: STONE (Limited stock left)

Issue 6: MEMOIR (Sold out, second batch in production)


Each issue, we want you to interpret one word, however you like.
Be as fun, dark, miserable, happy, or wacky as you wish to be.

This magazine is for and about us. Us not having any shame in our bodily fluids,
our thoughts,
our figures, our minds or our STORIES.


Female artists need to be seen and heard.

Love Brenda.

©BRENDA Magazine Ltd, 2020

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